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Happy Customers

New Forest Web has developed web sites for a range of customers and requirements.

Here are some examples of our work. Please note that it is our priority to always give the customer exactly what they want - so not all these designs are necessarily what we would have chosen to create or representative of our best possible work.

Friends of Cranleigh Paddock

Cranleigh Paddock is a specialist dementia care home in the New Forest. When it was threatened with closure, New Forest Web (in association with New Forest Franciscans) built and donated this campaign web site for the Friends of Cranleigh Paddock. It was built in 3 days!


It is accompanied by a Facebook group and Twitter social media campaign.

Sussex Counselling and Psychotherapy

Sussex Counselling and Psychotherapy is an organisation for professional independent counsellors in the Sussex area. New Forest Web built a new web site and subscription system for them which enabled their members to pay their subscription fees online and view member only content. The system also includes a Directory of Counsellors, which the members can add their own directory entry to and which is then moderated by an administrator before the entry is published live to the web directory.

This was a challenging system to build, integrating directory, membership and subscription features with the content management system whilst using legacy membership and directory data from a previous system. The key to the success of this site has been the roll-out strategy, balancing the needs of existing members abd data with those of new members and data.

Andrew Cairns IFA

Andrew Cairns IFA is an Independent Financial Advisor who has been delivering cost effective, tax efficient financial planning and wealth management advice to valued clients for ove 25 years. They wanted a website that was very modern, clean and professional looking.

New Forest Web built this site and also designed the logo. The logo is a green bird taking flight - symbolising financial freedom and release.

Blue Skies Video

Often described as "The David Attenborough of Bible sites", David Nunn of Blue Skies Video, a major bible history Christian film maker, asked us to redevelop the Blue Skies Video web site. Whereas the previous site had been simply a brochure site with films only ordered by printed and posted form, David wanted the new site to be capable of providing online purchase of the Blue Skies films.

New Forest Web was asked to exactly replicate the design of the old site, whilst adding the online shop feature. The final result was an exact replica in terms of design.

New Forest Web has now been asked to take on the marketing of Blue Skies videos, following our many suggestions for promotion of the films and web site. The films are truly excellent and we are very proud to be working on the Blue Skies team now!

Meditation Circle

Meditation Circle is a New Forest group that teaches meditation and provides meditation meetings and courses.

New Forest Web created this basic brochure site for Meditation Circle to hold the schedule of courses. It is a site that is still very much in development and evolving in terms of content.

Ecumenical Community Church

Ecumenical Community Church needed a web site that enabled multiple content managers to be able to add articles, pictures and various content. The design needed to be rich, classy and appropriate to a church. The Ecumenical Community Church was truly delighted with the site and New Forest Web is particularly proud of the finished result!



Security web site

Achilleus is a security company in London. I developed their site on from a standard template installation to the final design. I am particularly pleased with how this site turned out in terms of design.

I installed the Joomla component, ContactMap, on this site, which displays the location of the company offices on the Contact page, with a facility for the web visitor to plot a route from any location to the Achilleus offices.

Verite Shop and Trinity Vision

Christian DVDs and resources

Verite Shop and Trinity Vision are companion web sites that I developed for VeriteCM Ltd. This project involved converting the old Verite Shop website from Joomla 1.0 to Joomla 1.5 (including recreating a Joomla 1.5 version of the custom Joomla 1.0 template). I then had to convert the extensive catalog of products in an old osCommerce version of the Trinity Vision site and merge it with the similarly extensive catalog of products in the Verite Shop Joomla site.

Thus, in effect, I converted an osCommerce and an old Joomla 1.0 site to two new Joomla 1.5 sites with integrated product databases and compatable styling.

New Forest Franciscans

New Forest Franciscans
New Forest Franciscans are a Franciscan community in the New Forest. This web site is still in the early days of it's evolution and awaits more content. I developed the site in Joomla and the design is intended to capture the peaceful and nature-loving ethos of the community whilst looking modern and relevant.

Trac Tech

Trac Tech is a site I built for a company that fits particle filters to vehicles to enable them to meet the requirements of the London and European Low Emission Zones. It is a simple brochure site, heavily optimised to attract search engine traffic from customers looking for a service which fits these particle filters.

Gee Tac

Gee Tac is an online shop that sells a range of equestrian supplies, in particular a range of cheap horse rugs. The site is search engine optimised for the phrase "cheap horse rugs"! I built the site using Joomla and the Virtuemart shopping cart, with integrations to Paypal and Worldpay.

Gibson Clark Recruitment

GibsonClark Recruitment is a website I developed for a new start-up recruitment company. The website is controlled by the Joomla Content Management System, with additional components and modules which provide recruitment agency functionality. The owners of the site are able to post new job vacancies on the site, receive online job applications, view all CVs in the system and run a series of reports and data exports. Public users can search the job vacancy adverts on a number of factors and parameters, apply for the jobs and send them on to friends. The system is capable of much more, but was trimmed down to present a simple interface to users.

Steve Tyrell Associates

Steve Tyrell Associates is a website I have developed for a New Forest based Chartered Surveyor.

The site is intended to present a clean and professional image.

New Forest Web also designed the STA logo for this project.

Tolworth Girls School

Tolworth Girls School is a website I have redeveloped for Tolworth Girls School in London. I initially built their content management system website many years ago, in Plone. I have now redeveloped this site for them in Joomla, at no cost (because they are such fabulous customers and I wanted to reward long custom!) so we can take advantage of the many excellent features of Joomla moving forward.

The site is still in development and will be launched soon.

More Than Gold Resources

More Than Gold Resources is an online shop which sells evangelistic resources relating to the 2012 Olympic Games.

Love and Liberty

Love and Liberty

Love and Liberty is a community website about enlightened horsemanship, built in Joomla, with a range of additional components and modules. It includes features such as community blogging (every member has their own blog), comment feature which enables community members to respond to each other's blogs, forums, community and individual video and photo libraries, sharing and commenting.

Ben Huddleston

Ben Huddleston

Ben Huddleston is a ladies speaker and Christian author.She has written a couple of booklets called "Sweet Thoughts" and "Just a Thought" and is due to be publishing more in the near future. Ben asked me to build her a website that included an online shop to enable people to order her booklets.

I created a website design that reflected the imagery on and in her booklets and conveyed the feeling of her work. She was absolutely delighted with the result!

Ray of Hope Animal Rescue

Ray of Hope Animal Rescue

Ray of Hope Animal Rescue

Ray of Hope is a basic brochure website, developed in Joomla by New Forest Web as a charitable donation to the Ray of Hope Animal Rescue. The site was built in 2 days and is designed to be very easy to use and updated by the site owner. The site owner learned to use the content management system that controls the website and was confident and capable of controlling her site content in just a day or two.

The design is very simple and intended to look inexpensive and functional but attractive. Content is arranged to be very accessible to the public visitor, whilst achieving the objectives of finding homes for rescued animals and seeking donations to support the rescue work.



Twenty-12 is a website that I was asked to develop which enables people to order evangelistic resources in preparation for the 2012 Olympics. The site is developed in Joomla, with Virtuemart providing thethe online shop facility. The design reflects the Olympic gold/More Than Gold themes. is currently offline for business reasons.

Plass and Lucas on Tour

Plass and Lucas

Plass and Lucas on Tour is an event registration website which enables people to register for and buy concert-type tickets for a Christian comedy duo, Adrian Plass and Jeff Lucas. The site is developed in Joomla and DTRegister. The website design is intended to mirror the graphic design of promotional materials surrounding the tour.

Dances with horses

Dances with horses is an experiment in Search Engine Optimisation, Google Adwords Pay Per Click advertising, Clickbank affiliate marketing, Amazon affiliate marketing and dropshipping, Spreadshirt affiliate marketing and dropshipping.

I picked a product that interested me and I thought had value, from the books of Clickbank, then created a pitch page for it in very simple HTML. I then created a Google Adwords campaign and bid on a keyword list that I grew and tailored over time, having also created a range of text and graphical adverts. I was then able to monitor traffic to the site via sitemeter, affiliate sales via Clickbank and search engine traffic and sales conversions via Google Adwords tools and feed back all this data into the campaign to optimize my advertising spend to affiliate commission ratio.

It has been a very interesting project and has taught me the fine art of PPC affiliate marketing. I ran a similar and very successful campaign for Zen Chi machines and health and juicing products, although that project is now at an end. (The Google Adwords campaign is paused but available should anyone be interested in re-directing the traffic to their site instead.)

I have found that campaigns of this nature can be engineered to yield twice as much in commission than is spent on advertising.

Fabulous Girls Guide to Quitting Smoking

Fabulous Girls Guide to Quitting Smoking book

Fabulous Girls Guide to Quitting Smoking - the Community

Fab Girls Ovi App

Fabulous Girls Guide to Quitting Smoking website

The Book

The Fabulous Girls Guide to Quitting Smoking is a multi-channel publishing initiative. I wrote the book, and used Lulu as a fulfillment house and print on demand paper publisher. However, the spirit of the Fabulous Girls Guide to Quitting Smoking goes way beyond a paper product and we are now in a publishing environment where paper is just one of many channels, and not necessarily the most effective, profitable, productive or appropriate channel.

The Community

I created a "Fabulous Girls Quitting Smoking" Ning community, harnessing the Ning community technology and opportunity for cross-fertilisation with other Ning communities.

The Mobile App

I then created an Ovi App, which feeds the latest activity on the Fabulous Girls Quitting Smoking community site, via RSS, to an Ovi mobile phone application - available via the Ovi store and on Nokia mobile phones. I was surprised and pleased to see that I made rapid sales, which far outsold the paper copies of the book thus far.

The Website

I have put up a place-holder Joomla website which will eventually act as the hub of the multi-channel Fabulous wheel.

It has been a very interesting project and one that is continuing and developing. It will serve as a model for other projects, initiatives and businesses.

Agrumi online Garden centre

Agrumi Garden centre wanted a new and contemporary look for their Joomla and Virtuemart online Garden centre website, as well as a major system upgrade from old versions of both Joomla and Virtuemart.

I created a clone of the old site, then upgraded first the Virtuemart and then the Joomla, before redesigning the front end of the site.  I created new Product parameters which I connected to an Amazon-style product filter component called Cherry Picker, which was particularly useful for a shopping site of this nature, with so many thousands of products to choose from. I also added an A-Z product picker and a colour picker.

Tiptoe Chickens

Tiptoe Chickens wanted an eCommerce site to sell specially selected chicken accessories to home keepers of chickens. Tiptoe Chickens is a New Forest cottage industry company and wanted a website design that reflected the feel of the New Forest and the chicken-keeping lifestyle. I created this site, using Joomla for the content management system and Virtuemart for the shopping cart, ordering, payment and inventory system.

I love chickens and really enjoyed making this site!

Door Entry Direct

Door Entry Direct wanted a new look for their Zencart eCommerce website, so I freshed it up with this fresh looking white, green and grey new look.

South Coast Staffie Rescue

South Coast Staffie Rescue wanted a website that enabled them to show the dogs they have available for adoption and which would enable prospective adoption homes to fill in a detailed application form online. I produced this site, using Joomla, with the JForms plug-in to provide the application form function.

Ian Powell

Ian Powell wanted an eCommerce website to sell two quite different product lines. He needed a site that enabled him to control his web site content and easily control the stock inventory of an online shop. I created this Joomla site for him, integrated with Virtuemart for the shopping cart technology. The site elegantly combines 2 online shops - one for Coins and Notes and the other for Vintage Kawasaki motorbike parts.

Order of St James

The Order of St James is an order of community ministers. I created them a Joomla website, which can be easily updated by any volunteer appointed to be a content manager. I opted for a spiritual white and blue design with an extendible side menu, which is perfect for the purpose of the site i.e. to hold information about the Order and resources for it's members.

Richard Ludlow Fisher

Richard Ludlow Fisher is a New Forest-based architect who asked me to develop his website many years ago. The design was ahead of it's time - very clean and muted, visually uncomplicated. It is a design that has stood the test of time and has been very successful in attracting both search engine traffic and business for Richard. For a simple html site, it has been very successful in achieving it's objective - proving that less is sometimes more!

The Staffy Campaign

Staffy Campaign

CMS web site + embedded video – The Staffy Campaign is a non-profit site aiming to raise awareness of the plight of Staffordshire Bull Terrier dogs in the UK.

I developed this site in Joomla. It has a modern, fresh design that attractively presents news information to the public, whilst maintaining a professional look that is being taken seriously by politicians and journalists.

Y Course

Y Course

CMS web site + online shop, embedded video, community and forums – I created this site, using Joomla. It is a full content management system web site with a shopping cart system (Virtuemart) and embedded video. There are also community features and discussion forums (not yet made public).


Faith + Football

Faith and Football

Faith and Football


CMS web site + embedded video, flipping books & slideshow news

Faith + Football – This site is still under development and may be viewed at:

Faith + Football is a charity that brings professional footballers together with young people to share Christianity and encourage personal development. They wanted a website that was young and funky, easy to use by a youth market, yet had a robust content management system that would enable them to constantly add new items..

I developed this site in Joomla, with 3 different templates which each used transparency layers to good effect. The template designs pushed the usual design limits of Joomla and is a good example of how far Joomla can be pushed artistically.

The site includes flipping books modules and a slideshow news module.


Bereavement Rescue

Bereavement Rescue

CMS web site + embedded video - Bereavement Rescue is a website for an organisation that helps bereaved people by sharing the evidence for life after death I.e. Near Death Experience research.

I created this site in Joomla. It combines the Joomla content management system for easy and frequent updates, with an uplifting design intended to soothe visitors who are likely to be in bereavement. There are many music and documentary videos embedded in the site.


New Forest Prayer Group

New Forest Prayer Group

CMS web site + Prayer group module – New Forest Prayer Group is an online prayer group that combines a powerful Content Management System with a prayer centre/chain that enables the public to submit prayer requests which are then approved by a moderator and emailed out to subscribers to the prayer chain.



Blessings and Baptisms

html brochure site

"Blessings and Baptisms" was commissioned by the Anglican Independent Communion to advertise the pastoral services of the priests within that church.

The design objective was to create a striking but tasteful looking site that is easy to navigate.

You can visit the site at:


CMS + property management module

This year, we redeveloped the RescuePet database website system. Originally created in Omnis, this time we developed using the Joomla content management system and the HotProperty module for Joomla. We modified the HotProperty module so that it managed a database of pets in rescue shelters rather than properties managed by estate agents.


You can visit the site at:

Tolworth Girls School

Content Management System website


CMS site

Tolworth Girls School and Centre for Continuing Education contracted with New Forest Web to produce a website capable of delivering a range of content and media to present the work and activities of their school. They needed to be able to upload content such as pictures, vidoes, sound files, text, files and manage the site themselves. The users that would do this included office staff, IT staff, teachers and pupils.

Using Plone, New Forest Web was able to deliver a website controlled by a Content Management System, along with on and off-site training and support for a range of staff and potential content managers. The site has been embraced well and is already show casing pupil's work in a ground breaking way that is catching the attention of other schools and colleges.

You can visit the site at:

Musician/songwriter, Victor Chetcuti

Content Management System website


Brochure site

New Forest Web created a website for Victor Chetcuti, with downloadable music clips from his two albums. Victor wanted a site where people could hear his music, buy his albums, learn a little about him and get in touch for live bookings - wherever he tours in the world. This site is an example of clean, functional but aesthetically pleasing design that conveys the spirit of the site owner and his product.

You can visit the site at:

Fan site for Sony's Hardware Online Arena game

Hardware Online Arena Games site


Brochure site + Forums

New Forest Web launched a fan site they designed to promote the PS2/Playstation game, Hardware : Online Arena. The site presents screenshots from the game, reviews, links and information about broadband gaming for PS2 as well as a discussion forum.

You can visit the site at:


RescuePet Homepage

Internet database system

New Forest Web are the creators and developers of the RescuePet Internet Database system.

RescuePet is a non-profit organisation, that provides a central system where UK rescue shelters can enter details of animals in need of good homes. The public can then visit the site and search the database for the animal that best suits them.

Operational costs are raised through corporate sponsorship and affiliate marketing, however, the RescuePet Internet database is a free service for both shelters and public visitors. The RescuePet system consists of two interfaces, one for the rescue shelters to use to upload details and photos of animals in their care and one for the public to use to search that database.

You can visit the RescuePet website now at:



New Forest Photography

As well as building beautiful websites, I like to take photos of the New Forest. These photos are available on cards, posters, canvas prints and more:

make custom gifts at Zazzle

Our sites!

Trac Tech

Gee Tac

Gibson Clark Recruitment

Steve Tyrell Associates

Tolworth Girl's School

More Than Gold Resources

Web Design New Forest Ben Huddleston joomla web site

Ben Huddleston - author

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Love & Liberty Horsemanship

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Ray of Hope Animal Rescue

Web Design New Forest Twenty-12 joomla virtuemart web site

Twenty-12 games

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Plass and Lucas Tour

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Dances with Horses

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Agrumi online Garden Centre

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Tiptoe Chickens

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Door Entry Zencart site

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South Coast Staffie Rescue

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Ian Powell

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The Staffy Campaign

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The Y Course

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Web Design New Forest Faith and Football web site design and development by New Forest Web

Faith & Football