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Web Sites

Flexible, Featured, Value Websites

 Web sites, even eCommerce sites and Content Management Systems need not be expensive or beyond the reach of small businesses. Here at New Forest Web, we offer a range of web development and design services which enable businesses of any size to have sophisticated and flexible web sites at affordable prices.

 Take control of your own web site content!

CMS Content Management System
Content Management Systems are websites that, once we have set it up for you, you can update yourself.


You can add, edit and remove content, change the navigation menu, upload photos and images. It is very easy to do - no more complex than any of the popular blogging systems.



 Shopping Cart

A Shopping Cart can be added to your Content Management System. This enables you to maintain a database of products, with photos, descriptions and prices, which your customers can browse and shop.  Various online payment options are available.

 A shopping cart website like this enables you to add a whole new internet outlet to your highstreet or cottage business. Shopping Cart Affiliate site



The Content Management System that is at the heart of the web sites we offer is very flexible and there are many modules that can be added which increase the capabilities and features of the web site. If there is something you would like that is not mentioned here, the chances are we can do it - and remarkably cheaply. So please ask!