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Photography - PR - Media - Marketing


In business, show-business, public life and many other fields, the image you present to the world is what defines you in the eyes of the observers. To do what you do often isn't enough - You have to be seen doing what you do. The best way to do this in the current age is to have a good record of what you do, captured in pictures and back up in well placed news articles, press releases, website articles and newsletters.

Often, people in high profile public life (the Pope for example!) have personal photographers and media agents who discretely shadow them at events and in the course of their work, capturing the moments that count. When this service is enhanced with sophisticated photo-processing techniques to show a person to their best advantage, a powerful visual statement can be formed and presented to the world - one that you can control and manage.

New Forest Web offers such a service. You can hire our services for a one-off event or secure an ongoing photographic, media and PR service.

We can:

  • provide a personal photographer to capture you at work and events. The photographer can blend into situations and capture photos with whatever degree of discretion and subtlety is called-for and best suits the occasion and client.
  • meet with you before events to discuss and understand your media needs. This ensures we are best placed to capture the mood, energy, "Look" and moments that will represent you and your work best
  • provide photographic enhancement processing to make sure you look your very best. We can manipulate images to make you look slimmer or more developed, taller or shorter, remove blemishes, even skin tones i.e. do for you what magazine editors do for models and stars
  • write, produce and distribute articles and news items, tailored to suit a range of media

In addition, we can manage these news items and other content on your website, to enable you to outsource your media requirements.

Please feel free to contact Dr Caroline Wilkins at New Forest Web on 01590 624731. She will be delighted to discuss your requirements and establish a one-off or full service media plan with you.




New Forest Photography

As well as building beautiful websites, I like to take photos of the New Forest. These photos are available on cards, posters, canvas prints and more:

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