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Search Engines Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

It's one thing to have a gorgeous web site - but another to have it effectively marketed. There is no point having a great web site that doesn't attract visitors!

We offer a search engine optimisation service, which aims to put your website on the front page of Google for certain search words. We also undertake Google Adwords campaigns on your behalf.

Search Engine Marketing takes several forms. We will do certain things to your site that make it more likely to rank well on search engines. We don't use any dodgy techniques, just legal and recommended ones that any good web designer should adopt, but many do not. We will also submit your site to a long list of search engines - a task that would take a long time without the technology we use.


When we create a web site for you, we use specialist Search Engine Optimisation modules which ensure that every page on the site has a URL which reflects the page content. This makes that page score more highly on search engine results.


Google Adwords

Many people find Google Adwords hard to understand and even harder to manage well. We will take on that entire campaign for you. We will create a range of text adverts and different sized image adverts, animated or static, which sell your site and attract visitors from all over the Google Adwords network. These are targetted by keywords and content - so they are displayed on sites that have content that is relevant to the content on your own site. This draws visitors to your site that are likely to be interested in what your site says or sells.

Google Adword campaigns have a daily limit which you decide (e.g. £1). This puts you in control of how much you spend on search engine advertising. We can handle this entire process for you. Just tell us how much you want to spend on search engine marketing and we will create all the marketing resources needed and handle the entire process for you.

Here are a few of the adverts we have designed for New Forest Web Google Adwords campaign. The different sized adverts will appear on different sites, according to what sized adverts the hosts of those sites have agreed to run.


New Forest Photography

As well as building beautiful websites, I like to take photos of the New Forest. These photos are available on cards, posters, canvas prints and more:

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